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We are a small non-profit organization with a limited budget for website design and management. We hired Tom Richards in 2012 to redesign our current website into an attractive, CRM website. Tom was more than willing to work within our budget. We were very pleased with the results and hired him again in 2016 to update the current site and create a second website. We had very specific requirements for the new site and Tom was able to deliver on all our requests.

We are pleased to trust our website needs to Tom, knowing that they will be met with professionalism, creativity and timeliness. We would highly recommend Tom Richards to other organizations.

Mary Chenco

Operations Coordinator, Petra Community Housing

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and originally had a website designer build my first site. Over the years the site began to perform less and less. I found Tom in 2015 and had him build me a new site along with optimization. Last year my season was completely booked by June and I received compliment after compliment from homeowners on the website.

I’m in the concrete industry and Tom really seemed to understand what I needed to communicate in my message to my clients. I’ve had several questions over the past year along with changes required. Tom responded quickly and explained things to me and made all necessary changes immediately. I highly recommend Tom. Businessmen like him are hard to come by.

Jim Boyd

Owner, AGRA Stamped Concrete Specialist

I have to say that I am sold on Tom Richards. For years, we built an “in-house” website that consisted of purchasing a template that we would just plug all of our info and pictures into and publish online. That worked early on but a couple of years ago, we began to realize that the internet was becoming more important than ever in making a first impression to potential clients. We set out to find a reasonable and creative web designer to give our site the much needed upgrade that was long overdue. After interviewing several different people, it was obvious that Tom Richards was the person that we wanted to handle the creation of our new website. He quickly put together an initial draft of our site and I was very pleased with the layout. I was very impressed with his numerous suggestions to my personal ideas that seemed to fit our overall vision. From that point on, he worked with us diligently everyday as we made numerous adjustments to our photos, wording, etc. and he was always quick to respond to our modification requests. After we fine-tuned everything, he was able to quickly finish up and publish our site and it ended up being well above our original expectations.

What is even more impressive is that about a year after it was completed, we had a problem with the site being off-line. As soon as we realized this, I contacted Tom and within 15 minutes, he had the problem resolved and everything back on track. It’s one thing to pay attention to your clients while you are selling them something, but it’s another thing to give them the same type of service well after the sale has completed. That shows how Tom Richards operates and I am glad we were lucky to find him when we did.

Needless to say, I would recommend Tom highly to anyone looking to improve their web presence and we look forward to our continued relationship with him.

Nick Nykorczuk

Owner, Creative Pavers


We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the development of our website (www.green-ridge-landscaping.com). In 2006 our company, Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc, had an internet presence for at least 5 years. We decided that we needed to update our appearance and actively pursued 3 other website designers in the month prior to contacting you. After much disappointment and false promises, we determined that a local professional would be the only solution.

We contacted you based on a referral and were happy to hear that you wanted to meet with us to discuss our needs. During our initial consultation you listened to our needs and desires, recommended solutions and informed us exactly what the costs would be and the time to completion. We were extremely happy when all your promises were kept, and the final results of our website were outstanding. We must also commend your follow-up services and the ease it was working with you on the changes and refinements that have been completed since the original site development. Again, thank you for a great job, we will definitely recommend you to anybody looking to develop a website and we look forward to our continued relationship in keeping our website up-to-date.

Steve Bochnowicz – President | Gary Weiss – Vice President

President | Vice President, Green Ridge Landscaping, Inc.

Since 2007 Tom Richards has helped us a great deal. He troubleshoots our office network, and our computers. He found an Internet Service Provider and Web Hosting companies that meet our needs very well. Tom Richards created and maintains our Web site. He responds promptly to our needs in the computer/internet area. We recommend him to any business.

James G. Stuart, Ph.D.

President, Franklin Physics

In 2012, we enlisted the creative, and technical talents of Tom Richards to redesign our sizeable website, which documented seventeen years of research and advocacy efforts.  The resultant website allowed us to present a more user-friendly design, which currently includes the major focus of ACE investigations and reports, the unprecedented threats and harms to residents and the environment from the Limerick Nuclear Plant.  The new website is more visually appealing, and effectively provides research summaries and new Video Blogs, produced in fifteen minute segments, introduced in 2013.  All of the research prior to 2012 was placed into an ACE Archives link.

Since launching our redesigned website, we have received numerous positive comments about the appearance, content, and its usefulness.  The new ACE website has been invaluable in informing and educating residents of the greater Philadelphia area, elected officials, and agency officials about critical environmental issues and threats.

We cannot thank Tom Richards enough for his outstanding expertise, patience, and insightful guidance throughout the entire process!

Dr. Lewis Cuthbert

President, Alliance for a Clean Environment